Month: November 2020

Welcome to our game: Heart 2 Heart

Our team at Project Beanstalk is working hard on our first indie title, Heart to Heart. While the team is plugging away during pre-production, we want to give you a small glimpse into our project. 

Heart To Heart is an RPG game focused on human connection. What happens when we take the time to talk to one another to resolve problems? That’s the question we want to explore with our project. To get there, here’s some need to know info:

  • Hero of our story: Speaks is their name and healing hearts is their game. Speaks is on a quest to help people handle various issues through empathy.
  • Who: Five diverse characters in different stages in life. They suffer from various insecurities and Speaks, through the magic of emotion, aims to heal their heart. 
  • What: Speaks wills emotion into existence with magic! Magical combinations lead to different emotional states. What magic combinations will help heal the heart?
  • Where: In the land of Internia, various environments and weather conditions impact the citizens in different ways. Erasing feelings and twisting thoughts. Emotions are running amok in Internia!

We hope this gives you a first glimpse at our indie project. As we continue throughout our development process, you can expect more blog content diving deeper into Heart to Heart. You can join our Discord community and our Twitter for all the latest info on our game.

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