About Beanstalk

Our social enterprise fosters diversity & inclusion throughout the video gaming industry. We develop games that spin an exciting light on different cultures. We create career development opportunities for people from underprivileged backgrounds.

Social Good Games

We tell immersive stories to shift perceptions around different cultures.

Video games are a powerful form of media. But most games aren’t produced responsibly. They’re usually developed in unhealthy environments and can negatively affect everyone connected to a game in one way or another.  Games often misrepresent people from diverse backgrounds, cultivating stereotypes. 

We create a mindful & inclusive workplace culture in order to create healthy games that mindfully address social issues. All while telling stories with characters who positively represent people from different backgrounds.





Games + Social Impact

The game industry needs a lot more Diversity and Equity. Mindfully making games to empower different communities is a step that anyone can take to help remove barriers that people face in and outside of the gaming. Including but not limited to racial bias, exclusion, discouragement, and gatekeepers.


Diverse Hiring

Diversity goes far beyond ones skin color. Working with people who differ in values, beliefs, ethnicity, social class, race, gender, and mindset can help keep you on a path to success. 


Healthy Spaces

We envision a future where the game industry can provide a healthier space for it’s members to grow and develop not just games, but as human beings. 


Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

If you are looking for us to speak at your conference, panel, school, organization, or event, please email us at projectbeanstalk7@gmail.com.


Meet the Founder

Isaiah Johnson is a social entrepreneur and game developer from the Bay Area. He developed a passion for game development as a kid when he first realized that games were actually made by real people. Having already been passionate about helping others, Isaiah naturally developed a desire to create pathways into S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) based careers.

Isaiah has used his tech expertise to positively impact communities ever since working with the Marcus Foster Education Institute in 2014. Where he was able to award scholarships to Bay Area students after weeks of reviewing their applications and stories. 

Years of using his development skills to help film makers, activists, non profits, social enterprises, and more has given Isaiah the opportunity to be apart of a positive, supportive, and progressive community of change-makers. A community that he is very proud of. 

Throughout his journey in game development, Isaiah has grown to be painfully aware of the game industry’s lack of diversity. As well as it’s lack of equity. As a developer of color from a low income community, Isaiah has had to overcome many challenges, barriers, and traumatic experiences that the game industry’s toxic culture has created.  His goal is to create a more positive mindset throughout gaming communities using what he’s learned from change-maker communities.


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