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Heart 2 Heart is a 3D RPG that teaches people what to do when the people around you suffer from anger, anxiety, or depression. 

Follow the story of Speaks. A magician who’s power comes from their belief in the goodness of people, as their journey to buy a new houseplant turns into a journey around the world of Internia.

Main Objective

Travel across Internia and meet a variety of colorful characters…

Like a Wizard whose afraid of a job interview. Or a Werewolf who wants to come out and tell their loved ones who they are.


Battles in this game are referred to as “Heart to Hearts.” In a Heart to Heart, you can tap into your emotions in order to perform actions or spells that can help during the conversation.

Business Inquiries
We are Looking for Partners! 

Our game needs a lot of resources in order to grow into the project that it’s meant to be. Please reach out to us if you can help with Publishing, Marketing, Distribution, Design, Development, or providing Psychology Experience. 

Contact us at info@projectbeanstalk.xyz

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