Tiara Gomez

Bio: Tiara Gomez comes from an ecosystem filled with sound designers and audio composers. Not only has she been working with sounds and music at Gameheads, but she also attends Berkeley City College in pursuit of Audio Engineerng Certification. Coming from a family of musicians, Tiara has always had a natural interest in audio design. Watching her dad compose audio day and night, and hearing stories of when her mom was a singer was a huge inspiration for her. But her love for audio lies within her appreciation for it's art. Music is very expressive and she appreciates how well one can comunicate their emotions simply through sound. With many friends and family who have worked at tech companies with non inclusive hiring practices, Tiara has decided to work to make a change in the tech industry, where companies have all inclusive, and non toxic environments.

Skills: Foley, Audacity, GarageBand, Abelton, Maschine