Project Beanstalk is a startup company that focuses in building games. We are a team of developers, photographers, designers and artists who happen to have one thing in common: gaming. Our plans involve showcasing our games to events as we have done in the past. We hope to keep company alive as we expand new ways to entertain people. Monsterking is one of the key video games that started as a small project that was hosted in CSUEB's Quartely Game Jam by CSUEB Multimedia Club. Now we are adding more games for different mediums for smartphone apps and other programs collaborating one another.

Isaiah Johnson

CEO | Project Manager | Lead Developer

Leonardo Leon

Lead Artist

Connie Tang

Graphic Artist

Melissa Cardanini

2D & 3D Artist

Alaa Maghazil

Stage & Costume Manager

Glenn Ray Brooks

Developer/Game Artist

Guoyu Liu


Gabriel Conception


Jacari Trent-Pontoon