Matthew Kelly

Bio: Matt is a sound designer, and composer who's passion for audio production has found him writing, recording and mixing music, creating and mixing sounds for post production and live events and most recently creating custom audio content for games. He believes it is paramount to deliver audio that engages and immerses the player in a game's story and environment. Matt has supported indie development teams by providing audio direction for projects, handling audio implementation duties as well as creating custom sounds for games. Matt aims to improve the diversity of the games industry in hopes to create opportunities for people to experience a perspective that is often dismissed or unrealized and in turn, inspire growth and change. In 2017, Matt began work as audio director for Tornado Tower, ensuring responsibility for all audio assets in the VR title set to launch in the Oculus store in 2019.

Skills: audio editing, recording, mixing, sound design, composition, audio implementation, Pro Tools, Reaper, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, FMOD, Wwise