PLAY THE GAME: Come play the game in Oakland on August 25th at the Gameheads Student Showcase!

Brief Description: Behind the Mask is a game that explores the fears of people from the LGBTQ community. In this 2D platform game, you must guide the character, Iry and help her overcome a series of obstacles as she searches for a place that she fits in. This game is being developed by Team Dysfunction at Gameheads, a program that accelerates the careers of youth of color who are pursuing the game industry.

Story: Iry is a magical being who comes from a family of wizards. She is very different than her family and very literally sees everything differently. Her parents refuse to accept her for who she is, so they force her to wear a cursed mask that makes her see things the way her parents do. Iry then runs away. In search for a city she's heard of, where she will finally be accepted.

Release Date: August 26th, 2018


Isaiah Johnson

Project Manager | Level Designer

Tiara Gomez

Sound Designer | Music Composer

Marisa Diaz

Artist | Animator

Devin Wessel

Story Designer | Unity Developer

Dante Brundage

Game & Level Designer | Programmer