Our mission is to diversify the video game industry. Our main focus is creating video games that portray powerful stories of diverse experiences.

People from underrepresented communities are quickly becoming the majority of video game players. However, the content that they are consuming isn't for them. Which is why we are making games that speak to our audiences and better represent their backgrounds.

Our Team

Isaiah Johnson

Founder | CEO | Lead Developer

Isaiah Johnson is a software developer and social entreprenuer who has been apart of Oakland's amazing community for at least 5 years. After growing alongside many change makers and amazing causes, he has grown passionate about bringing forth social change, and after a variety of eye opening experiences that result directly from the game industry's lack of diversity, he decided to use his experience in software, social impact, outreach, and leadership to make a change.

Skills: Unity Development, C#, Web Development, Business Development, Project Management

Leonardo Leon

Lead Artist | Webmaster

Born in Oakland, California, Leonardo Leon is a revolutionary artist who pursues to become the best of the best by expanding the notion of art thorugh his skills and creativity.

Glenn Ray Brooks

Pixel Artist

Glenn Ray Brooks graduated from California State University East Bay's Multimedia Program. Glenn specializes in pixel art and is very passionate about drawing and animating monsters.

Tiara Gomez

Sound Designer & Artist

Tiara Gomez comes from an ecosystem filled with sound designers and audio composers.Music is very expressive and she appreciates how well one can comunicate their emotions simply through sound.

Contact Us

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