Project Beanstalk is an Oakland-based video game studio whose mission is to spread diversity throughout the game industry. We create video games that represent the experiences of people from marginalized backgrounds in an effort to introduce a state a mindfulness throughout gaming. communities.

With the rising number of minorities who play video games, it is important that members of gaming communities put more focus on inclusion and representation in order to educate these gamers and the people around them. 

Meet the Founder

Isaiah Johnson is an Oakland game developer and social entrepreneur who is passionate about using his experiences in tech and social impact in order to create a positive impact on different communities. 

Isaiah comes from a supportive and progressive community of changemakers within Oakland. However, he has experienced many unfortunate occurrences that come from the game industry’s lack of diversity and lack of mindfulness including discouraged communities of color, mental health issues from stressful work environments, and low income youth who have been  hazed and taken advantage of in what should be safe spaces. Isaiah started Project Beanstalk with hopes of creating more positive spaces within the game industry for everyone including people from underrepresented backgrounds by creating games with better representation as well as opportunities for people from these backgrounds to break into the industry.